The Effelsberg Direct Digitization Backend

Recent developments in high-speed networking and PCIe-mounted accelerator cards have made possible new backend designs that provide vastly improved flexibility and capability in signal processing for radio astronomy. While direct digitization close to the receiver improves the quality of the physical signal by reducing analog transmission and filtering losses, it also enables the building of a backend based on commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware that is able to exploit modern cloud computing paradigms.

The Effelsberg Direct Digitization (EDD) backend takes advantage of these benefits. The EDD backend orchestrates data processing on COTS computing systems hosting GPUs as well as FPGA that can be rapidly and easily adapted to a wide range of observing use cases, e.g. spectroscopy, polarimetry, pulsar timing, etc. The highly modular system is build of multiple micro services with a unified interface to control its subsystems. This design abstracts the telescope into well defined components suitable for deployment with only minimal customisation to individual radio observatories.

This document describes the design principels and current configuration of the EDD version 0.1, last updated May 23, 2024.



Describe master controller a specialized pipelien here (+include mikat module doc)

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Telescope state is exposed to components that need information. Describe mecahnism here.

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Dscibe monitoring system and injection of provisioined dashboards.

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Rename container_name to pipeline_id

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These variables should be set by default inside the role,w ith the option to be overriden on later levels.

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Describe Fits writer interface

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Describe Blocking Client (TCS USB Interface) here

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